The SATIS Productive Network is the socio-economic system proposed by Ser y Saber whose operational area is a network of synergistically integrated websites. In its most central part we find the following websites:

  • Connector network

    Virtual educational platform in charge of most of the teaching and learning process inherent in the socio-economic system of the SATIS network: House of Instruction

    Official site of the SATIS network of Ser Y Saber SAS: SATIS

    Informal SATIS community (outside the official site): SATIS Net

    Produce with us: RR. II.

    Main email for general assistance:

  • Helpdesks

    Each SATIS network website has its own user assistance area with the possibility of synchronous (chat, phone call) and asynchronous (ticket, email) communication. The SATIS network has a global assistance system to support the help offered by network websites.

    Official assistance center for SATIS network members: SYS DESK

    SATIS Help Center: SATIS DESK

    Customer Portal

    Knowledge Bank